The Wholeness Blessing

Given by the Archangels to bring wholeness to the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the Spirit. This blessing restores and rejuvenates on every
level of human experience using Divine Grace! On the physical level the blessing through Divine Grace communicates with the cells telling them to go to the perfected DNA blueprint for the replicating information. The cells then replicate perfectly without disease or aging. In the emotional body a sense of deep inner peace is experienced relieving the body of stress which is harmful on many levels. In the mental body the blessing promotes clarity and focus by helping release toxic thoughts and helping realization of oneness with All. Parts of the Soul become disconnected through trauma on any level. The Wholeness Blessing assists all of the various parts to reintegrate so that humans can experience wholeness on every level of existence. The blessing provides a space for Spirit to work miracles!

Bless Your Heart!